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Informed Consent Forms for Research Study Participation

Workshop participants are invited to participate as co-researchers in an on-going research study about how artmaking functions to facilitate the grieving and healing process for parents who have experienced the death of a baby. This research constitutes participatory action research, which involves academic researchers working with co-researchers or stakeholders. Stakeholders in this study include parents and health care or support providers who have a stake, investment, or commitment to the baby loss community. As co-researchers we all will enact multiple roles during the workshops; we will create art, make observations about the artmaking process, ask one another questions, talk about our observations, and discuss what future research should be done. 


Parents and support providers participating in workshops will need to read and sign the informed consent forms below.



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about baby loss

The human body is the best work of art.

- Jess C. Scott

Whatwanted most for my daughter was that she 

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